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A Monumental Detail – Ceramic Coating the Super Air Nautique G25

Products Used:

Our most recent addition to the marine collection received a comprehensive detail and ceramic coating.

Although it is a few feet shorter than our longest speedboat, the Super Air Nautique G25 is the tallest, heaviest watercraft within our walls. At 6,400 lbs dry, it is the nearly the heaviest boat in the Super Air Nautique range (second only to the G25 Paragon at 7,400 lbs). Still, the G25 features the brand’s latest technology for making and maintaining perfect wakes.

In preparation for its inside-out ceramic coating, our G25 was first cleaned top to bottom by our in-house detailers. Our cleaning process includes lifting seating surfaces and opening all compartments to find and remove hidden dirt with gentle cleaners, brushes, compressed air, and suction.

Spec’d in Mystic White with Mojave Brown and Gold Chromax accents, this boat shows contaminants and stains more easily than the grey, black, blue, and red vessels it sits beside. Attention to detail beyond or already high standard was the name of the game.

Once clean, our team began the coating process. The hull was tackled section by section with Gyeon Q2R Marine GelCoat. This coating was specifically developed for applications to boats and other water-going machines (event those used in salt water) constructed from fiberglass. It boasts higher-than-normal resistance to water spotting and, like other ceramic coatings, resists contamination and degradation better than wax.

Staying within the Gyeon line, we moved forward with applying Q2 Leather Shield to the boat’s seating surfaces. Designed with automotive leather/vinyl/”pleather” in mind, this product adds UV protection and makes “leather” of all types more resistant to staining and discoloration. Most importantly, it does not make seats stiff, greasy, or slippery and is easy to maintain with standard pro-grade leather cleaners.

In addition to Gyeon’s ceramic products, a basic, water-repellent coating was added to the boat’s windshield for improved visibility, textile portions of the seats were treated with a water and UV-resistant protectant, and the trailer was treated with a spray sealant. Now protected top to bottom, she's ready to take on the lakes of the Southwest.

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