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May at Barrett Automotive Group

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Big changes, new additions, and welcome progress - May brought action and more amazing machines to Barrett Automotive Group.


Early in the month, we announced “speed and serenity” were en route to our facility. After a week of waiting, they arrived. Serenity took the form of a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This is the third Rolls Royce to call Barrett Automotive Group home.

Dusty, water-spotted, and covered in minor defects from several years of washing, we polished the big, blue behemoth and brought its special metallic blue and tinted clearcoat back to life. We followed with a high-quality wax; a blend of carnauba and synthetic polymers for incredible depth and improved longevity of protection. This big 2-door now sits alongside its hard-top successor, a Wraith, and a 4-door relative: the full-size Phantom saloon (covered in last month’s Vehicle Spotlight).

Rolls Royce cars are certainly impressive for their huge wheels, doors, and obvious convenience features (e.g. integrated umbrellas, polished metal ashtrays, and power-closing suicide doors). Spend time with one up close, however, and you’ll see the countless man-hours that ensure every vehicle is perfect. From seat-piping to paint as flat as glass, the effort and craftsmanship evident in Goodwood’s automobiles are simply unparalleled in the luxury car world.


Next off the trailer was our “speed.” With concussive startups, the most powerful production Porsche 911 ever and the most extreme variant of the already extreme Lamborghini Aventador were unloaded.

Evidently, Volkswagen Auto Group is a fan of sending cars off with a bang. The GT2 RS and SVJ are, in many ways, the ultimate “hurrah” that celebrate the end of the 991.2 911 and prepare us for the replacement of Lambo’s long-in-the-tooth V12 flagship.

These cars boast delivery miles, huge carbon-fiber wings, horsepower figures in the 700-club, and lap records at some of the world’s most prestigious racetracks. What’s more, they were ordered by their owner in nearly identical specifications. Stay tuned for a future article comparing and contrasting these freakishly-fast fraternal twins.

With just 77 miles, the SVJ was covered in a thin layer of dust. Its engine bay, open to the elements through the louvered carbon fiber cover, was, likewise, speckled with grime and water spots from prior washes. This was addressed with a mix of waterless wash solution, all-purpose cleaner, and rubber-conditioning dressing. The V12, it’s golden manifold, inboard coilover dampers, and carbon-fiber X-brace now glow like they should.


In addition to all-out luxury and performance, we made considerable efforts in preparing a number of unique, restored classics for sale. The first of these was a Chevy Nova. Much like the Drophead Phantom, a 2-stage paint correction restored this classic’s clarity and gloss to acceptable levels.

Next, an exceptionally perfect El Camino was given a vintage-vehicle-appropriate waterless wash and was photographed inside and out. We learned that our main storage area and its shiny floors make for a fantastic photo shooting. With the building’s lights dimmed, softboxes cast dramatic reflections in all the right places.


As always, stay tuned for more and thanks for joining us for our most powerful, cleanest, and shiniest month yet.

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