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WIPE Panel Prep Spray

WIPE Panel Prep Spray


hyperCLEAN WIPE removes oils and residue from the surface to help prepare for polishing or protection steps. Wipe is a new age formula that allows you to clean the surface without marring or damaging the surface. Most surface preps are too harsh causing your towel to damage the paint. With Wipe we have added modern lubrication agents that allow your towel to glide over the paint rather than grab on the paint.

Prep for Polishing, PPF Installation, Ceramic Coating, or Wax/Sealant applications

Pure Alcohols and Modern Lubrication Allow For Safe Removal of Polish/Oil Residue on the surface

IPA/Panel Preps are an important part of any proper detailing process but it is very important to use on that is formulated properly. hyperCLEAN Wipe will simplify your detailing process and create a clean surface for you to work.

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