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SLIQ Silica Spray

SLIQ Silica Spray


The Perfect Silica Spray. SLIQ has made protecting your car easier than ever before. The amount of depth and gloss that is left behind after using SLIQ will leave everyone speechless.

What is the biggest complaint about silica sprays? The massive streaking/smearing they leave behind for you to deal with on your cars paint, taking away from the gloss and shine. SLIQ is the first completely streak free silica spray on the market which provides the greatest user experience available.

SLIQ Benefits:

-SLIQ has UV Inhibitors to add UV Protection

-High quality silica allows SLIQ to work well with ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants

-SLIQ can be used as a drying aid, maintenance for a coating, on windows, rims, and safe on trim

-No streaking. Leads to a safer application. More streaks=More wiping. The more we touch the paint the more likely we inflict damage.

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