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CERAMIC SNOW SiO2 Infused Shampoo

CERAMIC SNOW SiO2 Infused Shampoo


hyperCLEAN Ceramic Snow will take washing your vehicle to the next level. Ceramic Snow is super-charged with modern SiO2 which leaves behind ceramic protection and insane gloss with every use. Ceramic Snow offers great protection leaving a silica infused layer behind that helps repel water, dirt, contaminates, and nourishes your cars paint. Use it on a non-coated car to add hydrophobic properties or a coated car to fortify your ceramic coating with a simple wash and dry!

-SiO2 Protection Bonds on Surface With Every Wash

-Extreme Foaming Formula Makes Cleaning Safer

-Hydrophobic Protection Immediately

-Works On Coated and Uncoated Surfaces

SiO2 the main ingredient in Ceramic Snow will help revitalize your coating. This is will take maintaining a coating to the next level by improving durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties of a coating with every wash.

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